Vision: America And The Lion Of Judah

Early Sunday morning, January 13th, 2019, I had an experience with the Lord as I was in prayer. This may be a controversial post, but, here it is as I remember it.

Part 1: There was a seriousness in the air and I asked the Lord what was going on. I began to see the Lord in my spirit and He was putting on battle garments. He had a determined look but He was stunning.

Part 2: The vision switched to the White House. I saw the Oval Office and the President under attack by what seemed like hordes from hell. There were angels holding them back , but barely. The impression I got was that the prayers of the saints were holding back the hordes, but help was needed.

Part 3: The vision returned to Jesus  in His battle garments. Suddenly, He became an enormous Lion. He was absolutely beautiful but fierce. I thought, “He’s going to the White House”. But He began to run across America. There I saw many dejected, downhearted, even rejected people (but seemingly not bitter) feeling like they had no purpose. The Lion began to find these people and breath on them. He seemed to be calling them to follow Him. All of those He breathed on were filled with awe of the Lord and gratefulness. They seemed to have renewed purpose and absolute devotion to the Lion . They began to run in unity with the Lion with the same determination that He had.

Part 4: The Lion led the people to the White House. He entered the Oval Office in all His Majesty and Authority.

That was the end of the vision, but it seemed also to be the beginning of something major.

Karen Melton